Ipe Siding and Teak Siding

Teak Siding

Teak Siding is cladding for the exterior sides of the home that is made from FEQ Teak hardwood. We offer Teak hardwood siding as a long lasting natural home cladding solution.

Teak siding is the best wood siding option available. Featured in many commercial and upscale residential projects, siding made of Teak has the same great durable characteristics of standard Marine Teak Decking and True Teak Furniture. Buildings that use Teak Siding will maintain their strength even in harshest environmental conditions.

Teak siding is a truly luxurious finish for your building.   Premium Teak siding offers a featured architectural element while lasting many years in service due to its superior technical properties.   Siding made out of naturally durable hardwoods have proven themselves time and again.   And by using a 100% natural wood product, you can recycle and reuse the product at the end of its life cycle. Please download our Siding Install Diagram to see how each type of siding is installed.

We offer FEQ Teak and FSC Teak reclaimed from South East Asia. Our First European Quality (FEQ) version is made from 100% heartwood teak. We recommend using the FEQ version for greater longevity and weather resistance in outdoor applications.


Siding Profiles


  • FEQ Teak
  • FSC Teak

Custom milling available to any specification. Please  contact us  for custom sizes or special orders.

  • Ship-lap
  • Tongue-and-groove
  • Eased-edge
  • Custom profile for you to fit your project needs
  • Rot resistant
  • No annual Sealer needed
  • No chemical treatments
  • Provides great architectural interest
  • Long Lasting

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