Afrormosia Wood

Afrormosia Wood Lumber (sometimes called Afromosia wood) is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from golden to darker brown, gradually turning to a deep, rich, walnut-like color. Hard, heavy and strong, afrormosia lumber is similar to teak lumber in most technical properties, but not difficult to work with and can be glued successfully employing ordinary techniques. Afrormosia wood lumber is similar to teak in color, texture and graining. In addition to its striking appearance, afrormosia has long been a favorite in Europe for high-grade commercial and residential construction when quality and appearance, rather than cost, have been design objectives and a uniform, rich look is desired. A first class cabinet and furniture wood, it is not well known in the United States, but admired by all those who know it.

Afrormosia wood lumber continues to be the best solution for a Teak alternative though is has its draw back for use in Marine applications.

Stock Information

Species Information

  • CUTS: Mixed
  • SIZES: 4/4
  • DRYING: Kiln-Dried (KD)
  • OTHER NAMES: African Teak, Kokrodua, Assamela
  • ORIGIN: West Africa, mainly Ghana and the Ivory Coast
  • APPEARANCE: Heartwood is yellow brown, that darkens after exposore, and sapwood is lighter in color and clearly demarcated. Texture is moderately fine, with a straight to interlocked grain, bearing some resemblance to teak
  • DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 1560 for dry material
  • WEIGHT: Anigre weighs in at an average of 43 lbs. / cu. ft., or approximately 3.6 lbs. per board foot
  • DRYING: Seasons slowly with little degrade
  • WORKABILITY: Works well with hand and machine tools, finishes cleanly, turns satisfactorial, good gluing, moderate steam-bending properties. Sawdust reported to be an eye irritant, good ventilation needed
  • DURABILITY: Heartwood rates as very durable and highly resistant to termite attack. Dark stains liable to appear if in contact with iron under damp conditions
  • PRESERVATION: Heartwood extremely resistant to preservative treatments; sapwood fairly permeable
  • FINISHING: Rather difficult to finish. If left unfinished, like any other natural wood, Afrormosia will turn gray

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