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Many woods are unique, but teak is the best! The legendary properties of teak make it one of the great woods of the world. Once used primarily in boating, teak has also become a staple of residential and commercial applications.

Teak has been cultivated in tropical regions for hundreds of years, since the establishment of teak plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries.

When teak trees are cut, their sap preserves the wood. This makes it:

Durable. Teak is resistant to climate extremes, insects and fungus. It is not harmed by acids or alkalis. Plus, teak’s inherent silica content and natural oils allow it to weather without the need of preservatives or sealants.

Restorable. Even after being left untreated for years, teak easily can be restored to its original golden-brown color. Many prefer to let it weather to an attractive silver-gray. Teak that has been treated with finishes and oils can even be taken back to its original condition by applying the right preparations.

The beauty and durability of teak makes it a popular choice for:

As the largest supplier of teak woods to North America, Canada and the Caribbean, East Teak has the quality inventory on hand to deliver your projects, matched to your specifications. Also check out our inventory of exotic woods, uniquely suited for any commercial or residential project.

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