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Teak is truly the standard of excellence for all yachts. For centuries, boat builders have prized the wood’s unique characteristics:

  • teak’s natural oils prevent cracking, shrinking or expanding, even when in contact with sunlight and water.
  • thanks to a high silica content, teak has unique non-skid properties which provide traction on wet decks.
  • because it does not warp, twist or expand, teak is ideal for boat interiors including doors, hatches and cabinetry.
  • teak is unaffected by insects, fungus, acids or alkalis.

Teak is prized for its golden color, dark markings and straight grain. Although coarse in texture, it is smooth to the touch and has virtually no raised grain.

East Teak provides a full range of marine products:

In addition, we also offer the following standard and custom marine components:

  • Louvered Doors
  • Custom Rails
  • Custom Corners
  • Stock Mouldings
  • Custom Run Mouldings
  • Swim Platforms
  • Ski Locker lids


Marine Decking. East Teak mills a large volume of superior-quality solid teak marine decking. Our yacht grade materials are available in:

  • vertical or flat grain
  • surfaced four sides (S4S), tongue & groove (T&G), ship lap or with caulking groover
  • 1/4” to 2-1/2” thick in lengths of 3’ to 26’
  • wide and long decking for renovation projects


Fancy Marine-Grade Teak Plywood. Give your yacht or architectural project the best-possible results. Our fancy marine-grade teak plywood is designed with extra care:

  • quality faces
  • lightweight cores
  • created for below-deck use in cabinetry, bulkheads, shelves and door panels
  • offered in quarter-sawn or plain-sliced faces
  • available in a .55 mm veneer face or laid up with an extra-thick 1 mm veneer face
  • offered in a variety of specifications:
    1/16” teak, 1 face 4’ x 8’ two-ply, flexible for your radius needs
    1/8” teak, 1 face 4’ x 8’
    1/4” teak, 1 face or 2
    1/4” teak, 1 face 4’ x 8’
    1/4” teak, 1 face 4’ x 10’
    3/8” teak, 2 faces
    1/2” teak, 1 face or 2
    3/4” teak, 1 face or 2

You may also custom-order other thicknesses, or marine-grade plywood from other species.


Fancy Teak Cabin Sole. With East Teak's fine teak wood veneer product, we can supply you with beautiful interior floors and cabinetry for all sizes and styles of yachts and marine craft.

Our system enables East Teak to have a new floor installed in minimal time. Our clients can choose from a variety of exotic woods to match or make a new cabin sole. The layout for the interior can either be straight or sprung planking.

With our custom millwork capabilities, we can build to your template and ship a crate with all materials included.

Our fancy teak cabin sole is offered in either a 1 mm veneer face or a custom 1.5 mm veneer face. It is available in multiple sizes:

  • 1/4” wide white bass wood, 2-3/8” wide quarter-sawn teak
  • 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/4” thick x 4’ wide x 8’ long
  • 1/4” thick x 4’ wide x 10’ long

You may also custom-order cabin sole from other species.

Commercial-Grade Cabin Sole. This high-pressure laminate can be used on all types of surfaces. Best of all, it requires no maintenance. East Teak offers two sizes:

  • 1/4” (stock item)
  • 1/2” or 3/4” (by special order)

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