Custom Millwork and Hardwood Mouldings

At East Teak we offer custom millwork and hardwood mouldings in any of the fine hardwoods that we offer. We can handle your millwork needs from blueprint to final delivery. We maintain a full line of custom millwork capabilities in house using the best equipment available.

We have moulders, custom knife grinders, straight line and gang rip saws, band resaws, and trimming saws.

We can even provide storage facilities for your custom millwork and hardwood moldings to improve inventory control.


No matter your need, East Teak Fine Hardwoods can provide a variety of mouldings for your project.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Premium hardwood flooring offers a featured architectural element while lasting many years in service due to its superior technical properties.

Custom Millwork

East Teak has the in-house capabilities to mill and deliver your custom woodworking needs.