Amazing Variety

At East Teak, we manufacture a wide range of top-quality hardwood products, including  teak  and  ipe, architectural mouldings, plywood, decking and ship timbers. We also have a huge variety of woods available to meet your technical or aesthetic needs. We also offer Recycled products in addition to our standard Hardwoods.

Whether you need hardwood millwork, decking, or lumber we can help.

Natural Beauty

inherent grandeur. Few building materials possess the natural, powerful and long-lasting attractiveness of teak and exotic hardwoods. With East Teak’s fine hardwoods, you can bring that beauty to your building project, whether you need:

  • custom architectural mouldings
  • hardwood flooring and paneling
  • decking for commercial, residential or marine applications
  • ship timbers

East Teak provides the highest quality hardwoods, including our First European Quality (FEQ) teak and prime grade quality reclaimed teak. What’s more, we work directly with architects and builders to determine your specific requirements and manufacture materials that meet your exact needs.

Our woods are properly kiln-dried or air-dried and inspected by experienced wood handlers. The result? Unmatched, long-lasting beauty for your project.

Builder Resources

Care & Maintenance

How to care for your hardwood projects for the long term.

Building Guides & Tips

Information on how to install and finish your hardwood products.

Fastener Information

We can provide you with the best Fasteners and advice to install our hardwood products.

Data Sheets

Reference documents to help you make the most informed decision possible.


Wood is a renewable resource and we strive to use only the best resourced for our Hardwoods.