Zebrawood Wood

Zebrawood Wood Lumber is frequently quartersawn and used as a decorative veneer. ¬†Zebrawood wood’s common uses include turnery, furniture, tool handles and boatbuilding.¬†Zebrawood Wood Lumber has a medium to coarse texture and a wavy or interlocked grain pattern. The alternating hard and soft material creates working difficulties, but is a extremely striking wood when finished.

Stock Information

Species Information

  • CUTS: Mixed Grain
  • SIZES: 4/4, 8/4
  • DRYING: Kiln-Dried (KD)
  • OTHER NAMES: Zebrano
  • ORIGIN: West Africa
  • APPEARANCE: Heartwood pale yellow brown with narrow darker streaks, striping pattern varies considerably; sapwood white up to 4 in. wide, distinct. Texture medium to coarse; grain usually wavy or interlocked; lustrous; unpleasant odor disappears after drying
  • DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 1,575 for dry material
  • WEIGHT: 53lbs. / cu. ft., or approximately 4.4 lbs. per board foot
  • DRYING: Difficult to season without warping, should be quartersawn to minimize degrade
  • WORKABILITY: Saws fairly well, interlocked grain can tear; good gluing properties, veneers need careful handling to avoid cracking
  • DURABILITY: Heartwood is durable and resistant to termite attack
  • PRESERVATION: Heartwood extremely resistant; sapwood permeable
  • FINISHING: A clean smooth finish is sometimes difficult to obtain with machine or hand planing

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